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What Does Your Septic System Need?

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In quite a few cases, a tune-up can fix your system and you can avoid the high costs of replacing the drain field.
York Septic brings over years of expertise to prevent future septic system repair work by properly maintaining your system. Maintenance and Tune up includes:

  • Properly pumping the tank,
  • Cleaning (jetting) the drain field lines
  • Installing washing machine and effluent filters

If these measures are not sufficient, some failed systems can be rejuvenated by fracturing the soil. Our process utilizes a hollow tube inserted into the soil to allow the drainfield to drain, creating an oxygen atmosphere and the aerobic bacterial colonies to repopulate. This process can be performed in a matter of hours with no digging or damage to the yard.

Finally, in some cases it will be too late and you will need septic system repair work. Sometimes, the system itself was built incorrectly, i.e. on too high of a water table, or the system could simply not be salvageable due to many years of misuse

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